Take photos of your pregnancy bump on your schedule with ability to set weekly reminders. Create a video sequence of your LovelyBump photo progression.  Photo overlay feature allows you to align your latest photos to aid in a smoother transition of the photos in your video to highlight your LovelyBump as the focus.

App features include:
- Create an animated video sequence of photos
  Click on photo and select "Create animated mp4"
-Send individual photos via email or post directly to Facebook by clicking on photo
Click on photo and select either "Email" or "Facebook"
-Import images from device camera roll for use within app
Click on Camera icon, then click on boxes in lower left.
-Overlay last photo taken to assist in lining up your new photo

For questions, comments, feedback, or for any bugs please use contact link. Thanks!
-Full grid displayed to assist in alignment during photo-taking
-Ability to use camera's flash in photo-taking
-Save photos to device camera roll
-Ability to turn on/off pregnancy weight tracking
-Swipe photo to delete feature
-Ability to remove ads with in-app purchase
-Set weekly reminders to take lovely bump photo